Cepsa Chimie Bécancour
Cepsa Chimie Bécancour

Cepsa Química Bécancour and the Environment

Cepsa Química Bécancour and the Environment : collection and recycling of water

To ensure that its activities do not harm the environment, Cepsa Química Bécancour put in place a process of collection and recycling of wastewater.


Cepsa Química Bécancour's wastewater comes from the following sources:
  • Storm water run-off from the production area and tank farm;
  • Equipment washing water;
  • Backwash water of filter and absorber;
  • Water from the laboratory.

The wastewater is collected in a retention basin and moved to a separator where oily residue is removed.

The water is transported to a pre-treated water storage tank where it is filtered through sand and activated carbon filters to eliminate any organic material.

The filtered water is cooled in a reservoir and used in the manufacturing process to control the temperature of the production equipment.

The water is then sent off to an evacuation basin where it is tested for the continuous control of pH.

The water is then discharged to the storm sewer.

Water use

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