Cepsa Chimie Bécancour
Cepsa Chimie Bécancour

Integrated Policy (Health-Safety, Environment and Quality)

The goal of the (Health-Safety, Environment and Quality) Integrated Policy is to work toward ensuring the success of the company by being an organization recognized by our customers, employees, partners and the community for quality products and good health, safety and environment practices.

Cepsa Química Bécancour is committed to:

  • Identify and respect its legal obligations, standards generally applicable to the industry, customer requirements and/or other interested parties;
  • Protect all persons and installations capable of being affected by its operations against any accidental loss (injury, occupational disease, environmental or material damage) by implementing efficient management systems, maintaining a safe work environment and preventing environmental hazards;
  • Promote continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes to reduce the risks and hazards inherent to our operations;
  • Certify that our products and services meet the standards and specifications of our internal and external customers;
  • Ensure that our policy, its objectives and commitments are understood by our employees and partners.

Effective management of health, safety, quality and environment is possible thanks to the active participation of our employees. Consequently, they receive the necessary training and are informed of the facts and results in these areas.

Cepsa Química Bécancour periodically subjects its management systems to an external audit by an independent organization.

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