Cepsa Chimie Bécancour
Cepsa Chimie Bécancour


Cepsa Química Bécancour, a petrochemical company located in the Becancour Waterfront Industrial Park  began its operations in the spring of 1995.  Cepsa Química Bécancour is favourably located near the major North-American cities, in the City of Becancour.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process represents a major breakthrough in the elimination of environmental hazards.  Cepsa Química Bécancour, sole manufacturer of linear alkylbenzene (LAB) in Canada, is renowned for its environmental responsibility.



Thanks to efficient logistics, Cepsa Química Bécancour ships its products throughout all of North America where the company holds 22% of the market share for LAB.  Cepsa Química Bécancour has built a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of quality products. With its annual production of 120,000 mt, Cepsa Química Bécancour supplies 3% of the world's demands in an extremely competitive market. Competent employees, high quality raw materials, state-of-the-art technology and excellent customer service are the backbone of a promising future.

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